Tuesday, November 13, 2012

On Western media treatment of Mr. Ahmad Mu`adh Al-Khatib, the new Syrian opposition leader

Yazan sent me this:  "Your recent posts on the blog and on FB regarding Ahmad Mouaz al-Khatib is on point. Compare what you found from his writings to that of how certain mainstream media agencies have presented him:

Here is Al Jaz: 

"His struggle for freedom along with what many consider his moderate Islamic discourse made him a popular figure among many Syrians. He has written dozens of books and articles on religion and society, advocating for equality between men and women, for minority rights and political plurality."

"Fadi Salem, a Syrian researcher based in Dubai, sees Khatib as a "moderate Islamist" who has a lot of support among conservative urban Sunnis. He could be the right man to tackle the rise of extremism, the researcher said. "

Here is BBC, seems like its the same script: 

"Mr Khatib is not allied to any political party and is known as a moderate who has called for political pluralism and strongly opposes sectarian divisions among Syrians."

"He is not what he seems. He is not a traditional Islamist. He is not the traditional Sunni. He is someone who has all of Syria at heart."
Mazen Adi, a human rights defender and politician who once worked with Mr Khatib, said he could "play a role in containing extremist groups".
Here is The Guardian: 
"When the Syria donors' conference begins on Friday in London, all eyes will turn to Moaz al-Khatib, the new leader of Syria's opposition. A religious moderate, with impeccable revolutionary credentials, and a geologist as well, the west will be looking to see whether Khatib is a man they can do business with."
I could go on and on...but clearly no one is doing their home work.
What a boon these opposition folks are for this pathetic, bloody regime."