Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oil and gas media

""Twitter on Thursday was rife with criticism over Gulf media reactions to Israel’s assault on Gaza – particularly that of al-Arabiya, much of it aired under the hashtag tafkeek al-khitab al-mutasahien (dismantling the Zionist-y rhetoric).  Print coverage of the attacks on Gaza focused on official condemnations from the Gulf Cooperation Council and Arab leaders, but conspicuously avoided evocative details from the ground or mentions of popular reactions. Yet again, the GCC states have gotten themselves in an awkward position and are hoping media scrutiny of Israel’s war in Palestine will not widen to include their own role in contributing to the current crisis.   Many observers took issue with what they saw as the sterilization of the media’s language, such as the preference for the neutral term qutila (killed) rather than istashhada (martyred) when talking about Palestinian deaths.""  (thanks Emily)