Friday, November 16, 2012

New York Times Photo Captions

Khelil sent me this:

"The NY Times' front page website has a 13-photo slideshow and this is the order of photo captions:

1) "An Israeli family waited in a bomb shelter in the city of Ashkelon"
2) "Israeli security forces in Jerusalem after a rocket attack"
3) "Israelis cried after a rocket attack during a funeral in Kiryat Malachi"
4) "Israeli soldiers gathered for Friday evening prayers inside a tent"
5) "Israeli soldiers at a staging area near the Gaza border on Friday"
6) "The Israeli military said it was ready for a potential ground operation"
Finally, we wait till photo seven to give a mention of Palestinians, but not on Gaza: "Palestinian protesters sought cover from tear gas near Ramallah"
Neither does the eighth mention Gaza: "Israeli police detained a Palestinian demonstrator in Jerusalem"
But now back to poor Israel 9) "Israelis took cover in a bomb shelter in central Tel Aviv"
We wait until ten for this: "Smoke billowed from an explosion in Gaza"
And 11) "The site of an attack in Gaza City that killed two people early Friday"
12) "Samiha Abu Wardah's son was killed outside her home in Gaza City"
13) "Firefighters worked to extinguish a fire in Gaza City"
Notice how the Times grudgingly acknowledges the deaths of Palestinians, including that of a child outside his home, but pushes all the photos to the back while the 'mental anguish' of Israelis in bomb shelters stacks the deck from the beginning one after another as warranting more attention, and this is more crude Zionist editing since the Times probably relies on most readers to only flip through the first few photos."