Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nabatiyyah camp: erased by Israeli bombs

It occurred to me yesterday that we should have a special website to chronicle all Israeli crimes from the beginning of the Zionist colonization of Palestine.  And just yesterday I thought about the Nabatiyyah refugee camp that does not exist anymore.  This was a refugee camp near the city of Nabatiyyah in South Lebanon which housed thousands of Palestinian families who were kicked out from their homeland in 1948.  In 1974-1975, the labor government of Shimon Peres and Itzhak Rabin ordered massive bombing raids against the camp and the bombing raids were so incinerating that it was bombed out of existence, literally.  In December 1975, Israeli fighter jets bombed the camp and there was nothing left whatsoever.  This is the other history of Israel that most Americans are ignorant about.