Sunday, November 04, 2012

My real name is Ahmad Abu `Awdah

Lebanese publisher/editor Charles Ayyub (owner of Ad-Diyar newspaper and one of the most vulgar pro-Syrian regime voices in Lebanon and owner of Ad-Diyar newspaper who sells his editorial policies to the highest bidder) is angry because I criticized him in my article yesterday in Al-Akhbar. So how does he respond?  He wrote (you have to scroll to the middle of the page to the left of the images of scantily clad women) in his paper and website that my name is not really As`ad AbuKhalil and that my real name is Ahmad Abu `Awdah (kid you not) and that I am a Palestinian (as if it is an insult) from the refugee camp of `Ayn Al-Hilwi (I will be honored to belong to a Palestinian refugee camp), and that I changed my name to "appear" Christian (as if Muslims don't name As`ad, which is not a religious or sectarian name).  He also said that I had forged my PhD degree and that I am a mercenary.  Kid you not.