Saturday, November 24, 2012

morality police in Syria: confirmed

From Akram, the Angry Arab's correspondent in Syria:  "Regarding the disturbing news about the increased radicalization of the armed groups, especially in northern Syria:

  • In my latest post about the new Mukhabarat agency created by the Syrian rebels, I referred to a photo indicating the presence of a Saudi-like moral police. I was then sure of the authenticity of the photo and that it wasn't fake. But for more confirmation, here and here are some opposition links (in Arabic) confirming the news where you can see the same scene taken from different angles.
  • Meanwhile, an opposition group, called the Revolutionary Transitional Council of Aleppo, denied "strongly" issuing a statement banning women from driving cars in Aleppo, adding that it adheres "strictly to the women rights and to all public freedoms recognized worldwide" (Arabic)"