Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Marj Al-Sultan airbase

From Akram:  "A military pilot adjusted my information about the results of the attack on Marj al-Sultan airbase that I reported in a previous post:

Marj al-Sultan helicopter airbase, was already abandoned in the moment when it was attacked. All the military helicopters there, even those under maintenance with most of the airbase personnel, (pilots, weaponizing and maintenance teams), except the soldiers charged of protecting the place, and all the air defense weapons and all the ammunition have been transported to another airbase (I keep the name uncovered for understandable reasons) few months ago and that only one helicopter in retirement was left behind (and this is actually the helicopter that appeared in the videos distributed by the rebels). Asking him about the radar station that was destroyed by the armed groups, he said that the situation isn't catastrophic the way I think and that the destroyed radar system wasn’t a critical part of the aerial reconnaissance system and that it has been superseded, long time ago, by more sophisticated systems that work safely."

PS This is Angry Arab.  But would the Syrian regime admit otherwise, if true?