Thursday, November 01, 2012

Liz Sly: clueless in Lebanon

American correspondents who are parachuted into Lebanon tend to be clueless and to catch up they operate on a simple principle: March 14 are our allies and I will take all my clues and suggestions from them.  Look at this piece by Liz Sly: she interviewed two people: one is an employee of the Hariri TV and another is a March 14 person.  And look at this:  "Nadim Koteich, a prominent political talk show host with Hariri’s Future TV network. “So when Saad Hariri secures himself, he is securing his country.”"  Well, at least you correctly identified him as a TV presenter on Hariri TV but what made you think that he is prominent?  He has been only prominent for a week and only because he urged the crowd in a March 14 demonstration to storm the headquarter of the prime minister of Lebanon.  He is remembered only as the man who yelled "fire" to an angry crowd.