Friday, November 23, 2012

Khalid Mish`al speaks

From Akram, the Angry Arab correspondent in Syria:
"I accept a Palestinian state according [to] the 1967 borders, with Jerusalem as the capital, with the right to return,

After this [Palestinian state] state is established, it decides its standing toward [the recognition of] Israel,

We are ready to resort to a peaceful way, purely peaceful way without blood or weapons.

And finally this I-swear-in-God-it-wasn’t-me denial of his responsibility to the Tel Aviv bus attack: Not Hamas, not others, not other people from, not Hamas. No one can announce except those who committed, not me,

Khaled Masha’al, Hamas leader, told CNN in what seems to be a strategic repositioning in the US-Saudi-Qatari-Ikhwani camp."