Monday, November 19, 2012

JODI RUDOREN: the new chief Israeli propagandist for the time

This is how Ms. Rudoren identifies the goals of Palestinian groups: "Yet Qassam remains a fundamentalist jihadi enterprise whose culture and goals — terrorizing and obliterating Israel".  1) So the organization has no goals whatsoever other than terrorizing and obliterating?  2) Can you imagine the uproar if Ms. Rudoren were to say: "Israel whose culture and goals--terrorizing and obliterating Palestine...."  Can you imaginie? 3) Israel has actually accomplished that goal of terrorizing and obliterating.  4) Not to excuse Ms. Rudoren in any way but do you notice how the most offensive parts of articles in the Middle East in the Times are often qualifying sentences and phrases that read as if they were inserted by the foreign editors and their bosses? 5) Does Al-Qassam have any goal at all about self-determination and liberation of occupied land or are they just interested in terrorizing and obliterating.  And where does the two words come from? From official statements by the group?

PS: and notice how many "experts" on the Palestinians in one article are Israelis and/or Zionists.