Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Iron Dome propaganda

By the way, there is so much free propaganda about the Iron Dome in the Western media--not to mention the Israeli media.  Just google the success rate of the system and you will find that the success rate is 80% or 70% or even 90%, depending on the liar in question.  Barak, however, went further and declared the system to be "almost perfect".  What does almost perfect mean?  It is either perfect or it is either almost, it can't be both.  Perfection does not take qualifications.  This reminds me of a title of an old Arabic movie:  "A virgin, but..."  That was the exact title starring Nelly.  You fell for the lies by the US about the patriot system back in 1991--and now we know that they were lies, and you are falling for the lies again.  Please enjoy the lies.