Saturday, November 24, 2012

Human Rights Watch has finally spoken on Gaza: here is a summary of their findings

Just compare the language of condemnation of Palestinians versus the language about Israeli war crimes

 Mouin sent me this:  

"Since November 14, Palestinian armed groups have launched approximately 1,500 rockets towards population centers in Israel, the Israeli government stated. Rockets killed three Israeli civilians and wounded 219 others, including at least three seriously, according to OCHA and media reports, while a mortar shell fired from Gaza killed a fourth Israeli civilian. Launching rockets that cannot distinguish civilians from military targets, or deliberately launching rockets at or otherwise targeting civilians, are serious violations of the laws of war.


From November 14 to noon on November 21, Israeli aerial and artillery attacks killed at least 90 Palestinian civilians in Gaza, including 26 children and 12 women, OCHA reported. The Gaza Health Ministry reported at 10 p.m. on November 21 that those wounded included 381 children under age 17, including 119 under age 5, as well as 186 women, and 88 people older than 60. Israeli attacks on presumptively civilian structures, including media buildings, civilian government buildings and police stations, raise concerns that the laws of war were violated;