Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hizbullah's corruption

It is no secret now that corruption has reached the ranks of Hizbullah.  Here is my reading: Hasan Nasrallah managed the day-to-day affairs of the party until 2006.  He was firm in dealing with manifestation of corruption.  After 2006, he--for security reason--was no more able to deal with daily affairs of the party.  Yesterday, it was revealed that the brother of Hizbullah MP and Minister, Muhammad Funaysh, forged a signature to obtain permit for the importation of damaged medications.  Although Funaysh stated that he would not cover up for his corrupt brother, he did not tender his resignation.  Months ago, the brother of Husayn Al-Musawi (another Hizbullah MP), was linked to drug smuggling in Lebanon, and he remains at large.  The more the party immerses itself in Lebanese politics, the more it resembles other sectarian corrupt parties in Lebanon. 

PS Supporters of Hizbullah have been arguing with me on FB and Twitter after I expressed those sentiments.  They say that Minister Funaysh is not responsible for the deeds of his brother.  My response: a public official is responsible in preventing any members of his/her family from involvement in corrupt practices.  He should resign if he secured benefits to members of his/her family, and he should resign if he was unaware of corruption by member of his/her family.