Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Freedom fighting by clients of the US/Saudi Arabia/Qatar

From Angry Arab's chief correspondent in Syria:  "The blood smeared the exhausted face of Damascus this morning, when synchronized explosions hit Jaramana. The terrorist attacks occurred in a crowded street during the morning rush hour, in time when thousands of people head toward their works and schools.  The state-run news agency Sana said that “two car bombs loaded with large amounts of explosives [blew up] in the Main Square in Jaramana city in Damascus Countryside, killing a number of citizens and injuring others and causing huge material damage to the residential buildings and shops”, while local residents reported two other explosions in a nearby neighborhood that were probably the result of explosive devices. Reports about the human losses also varied. While Sana said 44 people were killed and 83 injured, Jaramana News Network reported 56 victims and 127 injured.  Jaramana, a Damascus suburb populated mainly by Druze and Christians, has been the scene of several terrorist aggressions the most recent of which occurred in the last month, killing 5 with 69 others injured."