Monday, November 19, 2012

Free Syrian Army gangs versus the Natioanl Syrian Coalition (against Facebook and Masturbation--in the view of its leader)

From Akram:  "We refuse the conspiratorial project called the [Syrian] National Coalition. We have unanimously agreed on establishing a fair Islamic state and on rejecting all foreign projects imposed on us were they being Coalitions or Councils. (Arabic)

With this firm statement, the Islamist gangs fighting in Aleppo peed, with all due respect, on the following parties :

  1. The US-Qatari born National Syrian Coalition, along with its cuckoo president, Sheikh Moa’ath Khateeb, who, few days ago begged, in vain it turned out, the “Great Syrian People” to not say anything that could harm the coalition (Arabic) and its feminist vice-president, Suhair Attassi, who announced that Nusra Front (one of the statement signatories) isn’t extremist and that she, proudly “sat down, unveiled with Salafis and Nusra Front” in Qatar without losing her head.
  2. George Sabra, the communist president of the defunct Ikhwanist SNC not to forget the former president president Abdulbaset Saida and his predecessor Burhan Ghalyioun.
  3. France who preceeding the United-States by several steps (the dog is always more enthusiast than his master) welcomed an Alawite figure Mounzir Makhous, as the official representative of Nusra Front & co. and the retarded French president Francois Hollande who announced victoriously that “there will be an ambassador of Syrian in France who will be appointed by the president of the coalition”.
  4. Every Syrian, and they are so many I must admit, who still believe that something good can come out of the west".