Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fares Akram: the man without self-respect

Without a doubt, Fares Akram is an errand boy for the Zionists of the time.  He is playing the same despicable role that his predecessor, Taghreed El-Khodari had played during the 2008 assault on Gaza.  There is no limit to what the token Arab errand boy (or girl in the case of Taghreed) can do for the Zionist bosses.  While Israeli bombs are falling on Gaza, the New York Times bosses order the token Arab errand girl (in 2008) and the token Arab errand boy today to go to Gaza not to report on the plight of the civilian but to write a tribute to the collaborators who are executed for providing information to the enemy (the French resistance used to execute the man, his wife, children and pets and in one province in France, more than a third of all executed collaborators were women).  If Fares Akram is ordered to go and cheer for Israeli soldiers, he would jump to follow the order.  I have only contempt for one like him, really.