Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chants from Cairo

From a reader who wishes to remain anonymous:

"On the occasion of revolutionary crowds back in public squares in Egypt, I thought you would enjoy some quality chants. A couple are great and a few are severely lame:
  • احلق دقنك، بيّن عارك، تلقى وجهك وجه مبارك(shave your beard, show your shame. Find your face like that of Mubarak)
  • علي وعلي وعلي الصوت، دول عايزين الثورة تموت(Raise, raise raise your voice.  They want the revolution to die)
  • قالوا حرية وقالوا دستور جابوا مرسى الديكتاتور(They said freedom and said constitution but brought Mursi the dictator).
  • أول قراراته الثورية شال السلطة القضائية (His first revolutionary decision is to remove the judicial authority).
  • الإخوان المسلمين باعوا الثورة وباعوا الدين (The Muslim Brothers sold the revolution and sold the religion).