Thursday, November 15, 2012

A US correspondent on biases in US media

A correspondent for a major US publication sent me this (but she does not want to be identified) commenting on how the Israeli dead are listed in the first sentence while Palestinian dead are mentioned in last paragraph:
"Also note the qualification that in Gaza, it is the "Hamas-run Health Ministry."

KIRYAT MALAKHI, Israel — Three Israelis were killed by a rocket fired from Gaza overnight, and Israeli shelling in Gaza continued unabated, as Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi warned that the escalating violence could destabilize the entire region.
Morsi, in a televised address to his nation, condemned Israel’s assassination of a Hamas military chief and the intense, ongoing offensive that Israel says is aimed at ending a barrage of rocket attacks on southern Israel in recent days.
But the Israeli assault did not halt the rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, where Hamas has been in power since 2006.
At 8 a.m. Thursday morning (1 a.m. in Washington), a missile slammed into the top floor of a four-story apartment building in this modest town near Ashkelon, decimating one apartment and severely damaging another.
Two men and one woman were killed, Israeli officials said, and an 11-month-old baby was critically injured.
In Gaza, officials from the Hamas-run health ministry said 13 people have been killed in the Israeli strikes, including the Hamas commander, Ahmed al-Jabari, who was targeted in an airstrike on Wednesday at the start of the campaign."