Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Labor MP and Ahmad Mua`dh Al-Khatib

A reader sent me this: 

 "I’m a long time reader of your blog and thought I would share an experience you might enjoy. I go to University in Hull (a small city in England near Leeds) and on Friday the local Labour MP Diane Johnson came to the University to give a short speech on the Middle East and in particular to mention a recent visit to Jordan, I should mention in the room of about 20 people the vast majority were Zionists. So you almost know what to expect by now, she mentioned when she met King Abdullah who she thought was ‘impressive’ (read speaks English and wears a suit), she claimed he wanted ‘democracy’ and a ‘vibrant civil society’ with ‘flourishing ideas’ but it was his advisers who were subverting this and then said that the King is broadly popular within the country and thus reform was all that is needed within the country.
Anyway MP Johnson went on to talk about Syria and she stated that she wanted Britain to do more to help the ‘Syrian revolutionaries’. She was largely preaching to the choir at this point and then several audience members asked if maybe Britain could assist in cyberwarfare, delivering weapons and the such to aid the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad. The audience and the MP almost egging each other on, except one Zionist who mentioned the Salafi presence within the opposition but this was almost brushed off as a minority of the opposition.
At this point I had an urge to shock the Zionist members of the group and asked if she knew who the Syrian National Coalition of Revolutionary and Opposition Forces were and then preceded to enlighten the group to what Ahmad Ma’adh Al-Khatib had previously said, at this point I relayed the points you made on your blog and mentioned how he claimed masturbation causes tuberculosis, called facebook a US-Israeli intelligence plot, called for jihad to rescue the Ummah and then I saved the two best for last, him calling Zionism a ‘cancerous racist movement’ and the virtues of Saddam Husayn being that ‘he terrified the Jews’. The tone in the room changed all of a sudden and now I had begun to see concern on the Zionists who were now non-plussed and had just been encouraging the killing of Syrians by both sides but mention anti-Zionism suddenly they become concerned!
Now that I had shown he was anti-Semitic and, previously at least, anti-Zionist there was now concern about the opposition and MP Johnson was shocked and could barely reply asked me for the quotes and now seemed quite concerned and said she will try and forward them to Foreign Office and William Hague. I went to ask how she could hypocritically support peaceful reform in Bahrain, Jordan, Yemen and Morocco while she favoured violent ‘revolution’ in Syria, again as every good (or is it bad?) politicians does she evaded the question mentioning that from what she saw King Abdullah was popular."