Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Zionist media and spin


"An article by a Saudi journalist challenging the conventional wisdom in the Arab world – in particular the view of Israel as the root of the region’s problems – is enjoying skyrocketing popularity online and sparking debate about the Arab Spring."  This is hilarious.  I liked the notion that the article enjoyed "skyrocketing popularity".  What is the evidence for its popularity among Arabs?  Here it is:  "Tim Marshall, a British journalist with Sky News, shared the link in his Twitter Feed and added: “If there were more like this guy – fewer people would die.”"  This Zionist rag is under the impression that Sky News speaks for the Arab youth.  I read the piece and decided to ignore it but I can report to you: that it is being widely circulated by Arabs but accompanied with the best obscenities that speak to the richness of the Arabic language.  Zionists of course don't want to tell you that the write is known for his misogyny.  (thanks "Ibn Rushd")

PS The headline is typical of Zionist media coverage of Arab affairs.  It is a lie. The author did in fact say that Israel is an enemy but that it is at the end of the list.  

PPS I received a picture of the Saudi writer but in his official uniform.