Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The lies of An-Nahdah of Tunisia

Ahmet of Tunisia sent me this:  "Asad, you aptly described the rule of the various Muslim Brotherhood chapters in the Arab World as "repulsive". . An example of that: yesterday, while justifying the non-inclusion of an anti-normalization clause in the future Tunisian Constitution, the head of Ennahda parliamentary bloc, Sahbi Attig, said that Ennahda was advised against such move by Hamas leaders (Meshaal and Hania). Today, a spokesman for Hamas flatly denies the claim. Here you have it: a bare-faced liar with the rank of a lawmaker thought he could hide the fact that his party succumbed to pressure from the US and Israel discussed in a Haaretz article in September. So far,that is what is going in favor of Arab secular opposition-- the dumbness and clumsiness of Islamists."

PS An-Nahda apologizes to Hamas for lying.