Sunday, October 28, 2012

passing as evidence in the New York Times

There is a long article in the New York Times about Iraqi fighters joining the conflict in Syria.  The article began by saying that there is indeed infiltration of fighters joining the armed opposition, but then decided to ignore that and focus exclusively on those who are joining the ranks of the regime.  But what is the evidence?  Here it is:  "“Dozens of Iraqis are joining us, and our brigade is growing day by day,” Ahmad al-Hassani, a 25-year-old Iraqi fighter, said by telephone from Damascus. He said that he arrived there two months ago, taking a flight from Tehran."  But again, like all press coverage of Syria, how was this fighter located? Who provided his number? How do we know that he was telling truth?  All that is not explained and we are expected to trust media that have recycled lies and news from one of the trashiest news sites in the world--I am talking about Al-Arabiyya TV and news site.  Now, I don't know if there are Shi`ite fighters joining the ranks of the regime but it should be said that the armed opposition Syrian groups have failed to produce one Hizbullah or Iranian fighter. One. While there has been extensive evidence of foreign fighters on the armed opposition side.  I really don't read a word on Syria in the Western Zionist press which is not pure crude propaganda.