Saturday, October 06, 2012

lousy criminal Syrian regime and the Tal Az-Za`tar massacre

People in Lebanon and beyond were glued to their TV sets yesterday watching the second part of the interview with Ziyad Al-Rahbani on Al-Mayadin TV by Ghassan Bin Jiddu.  Among the many things Ziyad said was that Fayruz is close to his political stance (a leftist who supports resistance to Israel and who supports Syrian opposition figure Haytham Al-Manna`).  But he also revealed information about the 1976 secret meetings in the house of his parents between Phalanges leader and leaders of Syrian regime in which they coordinated the assault on Tal Az-Za`tar camp.  When I wrote about the complicity of the Syrian regime in that brutal war, there were some who questioned the story.  It was a war on a refugee camp that had the endorsement of both Syria and Israel.  Ziyad said that he secretly taped the meetings and that Tal Az-Za`tar was responsible for his political radicalization.