Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ken Livingstone

Christina sent me this:  "I noticed that on the blog you said you'd like to have more context about Ken Livingstone's alleged 'anti-semitic' remark to the 'known Jewish journalist'.
Well, here's a transcript:

Judge for yourself.

BTW it might be worth pointing out that the 'known Jewish reporter' was then part of the Daily Mail group. The Daily Mail (or 'Daily Heil' or 'Daily Wail' as we wits like to call it) is a notoriously tabloidesque, right-wing rag which hates just about everyone who isn't a male, white, middle-class, Protestant Southern Englishman. It also supported the Nazis in WWll. As for Finegold - who had harassed Livingstone for ages - being a 'known Jewish reporter' I would say that if he had to point out his Jewish-ness to Livingstone, it probably wasn't all that 'known'. Not sure that it should matter in any case. And while the story became the subject of a huge faux outrage for a time, those who actually knows Livingstone said that accusations of anti-antisemitism, or any other form of racism, are absurd.

So, draw your own conclusions."
PS How come I am not surprised that yet another Zionist (the writer of the article in the Times) has vomited a lie?