Saturday, October 13, 2012

Exclusive: About Mossad-planted stories and how they get re-created and peddled in Saudi Media: the story of the Hizbullah financial "chief"

This is quite a story and reveals how Saudi media (clearly in cooperation with the Israeli intelligence disinformation branch) invent news that are convenient for Saudi and Israeli propaganda.  A few days ago only, I noticed that a sleazy and vulgar non-news wesbite in Arabic (run by, Faris Khashshan, a reporter for Hariri media with a history of lies and fabrications involving the Hariri investigation--to the point that he had to flee Lebanon to France where he resides now), ran a story that a Hizbullah financial chief fled to Israel after embezzling millions from the party.  That was the first occurrence of the story in Arabic.  But the story cited none other than Frontpage magazine and called it--innocently--front page magazine without informing the readers about its past.  I even cited the story and told Arabic readers on FB something about Frontpage and how this sleazy Arabic site is stealing from Frontpage on a story about Hizbullah.  But I went to Frontpage which was identified as the source of the story and it in turn cited another (Zionist) website as the source.  The website, the Jewish Press, in turn identified something that is called "Yoni Alpert's Terror Watch" as the source and said it had reported it last month.  I could not find "Yoni Alpert's Terror Watch" but the Jewish Press cited "Lebanese sources" as the source for the Yoni Alpert Terror Watch story.  I thought it was hilarious.  A few minutes ago, a reader alerted me that Al-Arabiyyah English has just reported this:  "Hezbollah’s CFO has fled to Israel taking with him large sum of stolen money, classified documents and maps, local news media reported on Friday.   The news website, Now Lebanon, cited Hezbollah officials..."  Now NowLebanon (or Now Hariri as it was founded by Hariri family, and managed by `Uqab Saqr, who is now the Saudi intelligence arms man in Turkey in charge of delivering cash and weapons to Syrian armed groups) run by extreme right-wing Elie Khuri (formerly with Saatchi and Saatch and with fat contracts with the Hariri family and US occupation authority in Iraq) has a history of fabricating stories about Hizbullah and attributing them to "Hizbullah sources"--and I even mocked such stories here and said that whenever you see "Hizbullah sources" you know that a story is being invented about Hizbullah in Saudi and Hariri media.  But notice that neither Now Lebanon nor Al-Arabiyyah mentioned that the story first made its appearance not in Arabic but in far right Zionist-Israeli sites in English with absolutely no possible links to Hizbullah to be able to cite credibly something called "Hizbullah sources".  This is the era of Bandar Bin Sultan as head of Saudi foreign intelligence and I can tell you that the stupid murderous Syrian and Iraqi Ba`thist intelligence agencies were less clumsy and less stupid in their operations.

PS For some reason, I could not find the story on Now Lebanon.