Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My aplogies for linking to Alex Jones

Several people wrote to me about Alex Jones: never heard of him before I received a link.  I asked my source and she did not know who he was.  Robert wrote to me this about him:
"Hey As`ad,
I saw that you used Alex Jones as a source today, which I have to say dismays me. I would strongly caution against considering him a trustworthy source of any information on any subject whatsoever. He has an almost cult-like following amongst a small group of people that take every word he says as gold. My ex-neighbor was one of them and used to try to get me to sit down in front of Alex Jones' "documentaries." I did for about half an hour. It was reactionary tripe: Missile hit the Pentagon, not a plane; Bilderberger group/Illuminati controls all politics in the world; very anti-Semitic overtones couched in anti-Zionist rhetoric (and you know I am not one to conflate the two); promotion of dubious nutritional supplements; etc. It was very clear to me that he was willing to fabricate whatever he wished in order to build his cult status and further his reactionary agenda. So, I can't say whether this report about the hospital is true or not (it certainly seems quite possible), but Alex Jones is not someone you should be citing.

After I wrote the above, I went to his website. He appears to have toned down some of the worst aspects of what I remember from some 7 or 8 years ago, but you can still see some of what I'm talking about: