Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lebanese war criminals in the US and Canada

Nemer sent me this:  "I read on your blog the following (Comrade Laleh sent me this correction: "Actually some of the worst torturers of Khiyam are in Canada. Many moved there because they were francophone."). Yes, there is a big contingent of LF members and supporters in Montréal, as well as former Lahd members, where they can fit in the Lebanese community as a whole which numbers more than 120.000 individuals (the majority is Christian Maronite). Muslim Shiite collaborators went mostly to the US and to the Scandinivian countries. But there are also LF and Lahd wanted members in Ontario (especially Mississauga and Windsor), where there is also a big contingent of LF and Lahd members and supporters. Charbel Barakat who was greeted by President Michel Sleiman during one of his visists to the US (you have their photo side by side on your blog) lives with his family in Mississauga. As for why, the Canadian government at that time (a Liberal one led by former Premier Jean Chrétien) wanted to appear to be playing a helping role in the region. And since Canada was responsible for the Refugees Working Group, and in the name of "peace," the doors were open for wanted individuals even those who were torturers at the Khiam prison. And some elements in the government back then wanted to hep the "Israelis" with the mess left behind in Lebanon. Canada's foreign policy has always been a Zionist one, although under the Conservatives it is more pronounced."