Saturday, September 15, 2012

Insulting Islam and insulting Judaism in the US

Of course, American liberals and non-liberals are disingenuous when they hide behind the slogan of "freedom of speech" when they explain the prevalence or occurrence of insults to Islam and Muslims.  I learned this back in the 1980s during the Salman Rushdi controversy.  I was among those who believed that Rushdi should write what he wants and that religions--all religions and not two only--should not be protected from criticisms and even mockery.  They hold, but they should not hold, a special place of absolute immunity.  But I was rather educated about the motives of Western liberals when top New York City liberals took to turns to do "public readings" from the Satanic Verses back in the 1980s.  Then I learned that it was not about freedom of speech.  None of those folks would dare ever to do public readings from any work that insults Jews or Judaism, and they would not even dare to invoke the slogan of freedom of speech when it comes to anti-Jewish expressions.  When Noam Chomsky, provocatively in my opinion, supported the freedom of speech of a holocaust denier, he was subjected to merciless abuse and condemnations by liberals and conservatives alike.  And Muslims are not idiots and they notice the double standards invoked.  Can you imagine Mitt Romney defending the "freedom of speech" of a movie mocking his faith?  Can you imagine Fox News defending mockery of Judaism by a Muslim pornographer?  Hardly.