Friday, September 07, 2012

Free Syrian Army and civilian airports

Akram, Angry Arab's correspondent in Syria, sent me this:

"As in many times previously, the Free Syrian Army is eating its own words. Few days after Bassam Al-Dada, its retarded political advisor, announced that civilian airports will be considered legitimate military targets, here is another crackpot called Malik Kurdi, the deputy commander of the FSA renouncing Dada statement saying that the latter was "relieved of his post a month ago".

Though, idiocy is seemingly an inherent feature of the FSA that shows up each time this dreadful gang tries to fix one of its multiple stupidities. Look how General Kurdi is trying to justify the threats of its "ousted political adviser":

You have to know that inside any civil airport in Syria there is a military airport – like Damascus airport and Latakia airport.

General Kurdi failed to explain why the Syrian regime use Damascus airport, to launch its attacks against the rebels, when well equipped military air bases, like Mezzah and Dumeir and many helicopter airports like Marj Al-Sultan airbase, are located few kilometers away.

Of course, any five years old Syrian kid knows well that Damascus airport is a purely civilian one that, for technical (the length of its runaway, the absence of hangars and other usual infrastructure required to operate military fighter jets) and security reasons, cannot be used for military purposes unless, for the lousy FSA officers, the few Syrian Air rickety Boeings and Airbus planes are used to shell the quarters occupied by its gangs.

So the Clowny General Malik Kurdi is not only a liar, but also stupid. Surprised? Please don't… This is only a sample of officers, graduated from Ba'ath military academies, who are supposed to be the commanders of the liberation war of Golan Heights."