Friday, August 17, 2012

Zionist and fabrications of quotes by their enemies

I was thinking about the recent Zionist fabrication of a quotation by Hasan Nasrallah which made it into a front page article in the New York Times.  There is a very long history of this pattern: Zionist over the decades fabricated quotations and attributed them to Nasser and then Ahmed Shuqayri and then to Arafat and recently to Hasan Nasrallah.  Oriana Fallaci, the lousy sleazy trash Italian journalist, fabricated a quotation by George Habash which made it into a Life Magazine profile of him.  Someone should write an article or book on that.  Of course, some people fabricate interviews to attain publicity: Christopher Hitchens fabricated the story that he met Abu Nidal in...a cafe in Baghdad.  And on and on.  If I have the time and resources, I would devote my time to refuting Zionist lies and fabrications in media and scholarship.