Thursday, August 30, 2012

Western academics and arms for Syrian armed gangs

It is now the norm, not the exception.  All Western (liberals and conservatives) commentators and academics join in on the discussion of arms for the Syrian armed rebels.  There are American citizens who are now fighting with the Free Syrian Army and the US government has allowed the creation of a lobbying arm for the Free Syrian Army in Washington, DC led by a former NATO official.  You now can fundraise for the FSA here in the US.  It is the season conditioned by Zionists in the capital.  But when Edward Said threw a stone across the border from Palestine in South Lebanon years ago, he was universally attacked.  There were calls for his trial and punishment, even within Columbia University.  People who would never dare throw a stone on Israel, or who would never dare call for throwing stones on Israeli occupation soldiers, now want arms for the gangs of the Free Syrian Army.  Let me be clear: I always believed that armed struggle is not only a method of resistance against Israeli occupation and aggression, but that it is the chief method of resistance against the violent Israeli occupation.