Monday, August 27, 2012

Sabih Al-Masri and the Arab Bank

My friend, the Arab businessman, sent me comments about the press conference by Sabih Al-Masri about the Arab Bank.  He wrote (excerpts) about his defense of Hariri and his constant reference to the bank as a "Jordanian Bank":
"To prostrate to the daman shares and get the daman to vote their shares with him and Harriri thieves
This should give them the largest controlling interest.  That is why he is saying Jordanian to give a sense of calm to little Hasimite.  This will become a Saudi controlled bank ( to counter Bank Al Iskan; now controlled by Qatar: second largest Bank in the little Hashimite Shitdom) and as mentioned earlier the Masri, Harriri (both are Saudi lackies; one for the Sultan Family and the other for Fahad Family) and their cronies will steal the assets of this bank and screw not only the Palestinians but also JORDANDIANS ( especially the little Hashimite ) Yeminies and many others.
These are corrupt selfish very selfish group of money worshipers that will and have sold their mothers for a few additional dollars.  This is another sad very sad day in the struggle of the Arab Nation and especially the Palestinian cause.  Kawar fam$ily is very close to queen utube she used to work as a secreatry for one of them who introduced her to the little hashimite and in turn the kawar was appointed as the little hashmite in USA.  There after Kawar became one of the leading IT security providers in Jordan. Amazing how these people steal and continue to steal.  Sabih is full of shit. The Harriri including the head Harriri Nazek ( who divorced her husband that was employed by her croock husband) and her sons have the bulk of the Harriri Money and Arab Bank Shares.
So the ...Baha and stupid Saad story is irrelevant.  Why is this Masri lacky defending a rival Saudi lacky ( orders from the illiterate Master in Reyadh)  The Masri Kawar and co are part of the Bank destruction that wait and see  The Shuman (the idiot) is a coward the shuman took their money and ran.  They did not fight for the good of all. A bunch of selfish spoiled privilege children that do not want to dirty their hands and fight for what is right for the entire Arab Bank Base that believed in the Bank and remained loyal to it."