Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jaramana, Syria: an update

From Akram, Angry Arab's correspondent in Syria:
"Jaramana is boiling. This is the least that can be said about a town that, by its calm and hospitality of its people, offered a safe haven to thousands of people that the brutal combats in their villages surrounding this town turned them into refugees.

Two days after a car bomb exploded, during the funeral of two men killed the day before by bombs implanted in their cars, that killed 27 and dozens more injured, another small explosive targeted a car yesterday evening in "The President Square", one of the busiest places in the town. Luckily, no one was killed, though the car driver and his daughter were moderately wounded and transported to a nearby hospital. Few hours later, a clash broke out between a "popular committees" (armed civilians who work under the auspice of the Syrian authorities) checkpoint and gunmen, reports said they were positioning in Beit Sahem, a nearby village the people of which are Sunnis. No one was hurt by this clash.

Jaramana is living a crucial moment. Not only are the rebels responsible in dragging this town, with all what it represents of peaceful coexistence with its majoritarian surrounding, to the fight. Giving up its main responsibility, of protecting the town, to ill-trained civilians who, and this is the most important, belong to minorities (that so far haven't participate in this dirty war), the Syrian regime seems working, deliberately, to compel them to take their part in the fighting, not only in Jaramana, but also in other parts of Syria where they live.

Dangerous game… very dangerous. Nevertheless, the two parties are determined to play to the end..."