Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fake left on Syria

A reader in Paris sent me this:  "You seem to be upset by "Trotskyists" who depict the FSA as progressive. I think that the worst of those "leftist" types are in Paris and actually come from the so-called "Democratic left" (a pro March 14 party) and maybe the SDPP. They are often invited on France24 (nobody watchs it) in its Arabic, French and English version. When you hear them, you ask yourself : do they think that they can fool us so easily ? I mean, they shamelessly assert that all sectarianism in Syria comes from the regime and that there are very few islamists in the armed opposition and that all those islamists were introduced in the opposition by... the regime. Ziad Majed is a good example. This guy is from the "Democratic left". In this debate, (in french) when asked about jihadis, he answers "Il y a des jihadistes, peut-être, je sais pas". Oh, you don't know ? Are you so dumb ? It was in last April. Then another "leftist" opponent goes on saying that the regime sent jihadis in Iraq during the last years... and that it uses these same jihadis now, against itself. Kid you not. It is in the segment from 9:30 to 14:50."