Friday, August 24, 2012

Doctors without Borders

Comrade Laure sent me this:
"Asad, your post a couple of days ago about Doctors Without Borders is not accurate. Out of all humanitarian agencies, this agency is more impartial than any I could think of beside ICRC and I truly respect them. My sister works for them. They did in fact set up medical operations in both Lebanon and Gaza. They were the first to reach Tebnin and Rmeish in 2006. In Gaza, they have a longer intervention. See thisthis, and this. They have treated both fighters and civilians in Gaza and Lebanon. And I know they have good relations with Hezbollah. If you inquire about the salaries of staff with MSF and compare to the UN for example, you know what humanitarian means. These people get barely paid. This is a real test for humanitarian work if you ask me."

I stand corrected.