Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Al-Dmeyinah Al-Sharqyia... A Diary of Fear"

From Akram:

"My focus on the events in Al-Dmeiynah Al-Sharqyiah, isn't because what happened there is unprecedented in Syria, nor because the situation there is worse than the conditions of the other towns in the country. Actually, Al-Dmeiynah Al-Sharqyiah is only an example of the silent daily suffering of millions of innocent Syrians who have nothing to do with both sides of the conflict, a suffering that doesn't find place in both local, and international media.

Three days after the massacre (here and here) that took place in the village when a shell, the source of which is still (and will remain) unknown, hit a house where they had been gathered, the residents are still living a real horror of the fighting near their village. It is clear now that, for them, the indiscriminate and criminal behavior of the Syrian army became a source of concern that is added to their fear of the rebels deployed in the neighboring towns.

Here are some comments (in chronological order) published today on the town's Facebook page. They, clearly, indicate the hell experienced by the residents (Arabic):

Good morning... It's normal today and roads are open as normal

Urgent: A plane is flying over the village. Pls, stay at home. A rocket may be launched against it

Oh! We are living on our nerves...

What fuck it doing over the village... Do they think we have a nuclear reactor? Why don't they both, the army and the gunmen, stay away? People are dying here and we don't know who to blame...

The plane moved away a bit... But don't get out unless it's necessary

It's quiet now... No need to worry... May God protect our village and its people"."