Friday, July 27, 2012

Watch live: war crimes of the Free Syrian Army

You have to watch this disgusting video.  This man's only crime is that he appeared on Dunya TV (a regime TV).  He was asked for his sect, and he said Sunni: and then he was tormented for being Sunni and appearing on Dunya TV and for mocking `Ar`ur speeches.  At the end, the "revolutionary" of the Free Syrian Army announces that a punishment will be exacted on this person for his crimes.  I have two points: 1) shame on Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International for their cowardice and lack of professionalism.  They more than ever that they are mere tools of US foreign policy and of the agendas of their funders; 2) I miss the Sufis, liberals, and leftists who are running the Syrian revolution as we read only months ago.