Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This guy wants to kill

Amer sent me this:  "
"On the language and tone of the Syrian activists nowadays (this is from a discussion among 'moderates'):
Aksam Barakat أنا اللذي لا استطيع ان انظر. الى نقطة دم ! سوف اقتل من قتل او ساعد او او دفع لقتل ابناء وطني و ساقتله بيدي هاتين من غير سلاح ، و ساغرز أصابعي بقلبه و انتزع كبده و أكله هذه هي عقوبة من يتعدى على انسان وطني ، و من يفكر بغير ذلك هو خائن للثورة
3 minutes ago via mobile · "
It Says: (I, who can't look at a drop of blood!  I will kill whoever killed or helped in killing or pushed for killing the sons of my homeland , I will kill with my own hands without weapons, and I will stick my fingers in his heart and remove his liver and eat it.  This is the punishment against whoever transgresses against a patriotic person, and whoever thinks otherwise is a traitor of the revolution).