Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The fools of MEMRI

"MEMRI, an outfit that disseminates highly selective and often distorted translations from Arabic-language media, today published a video titled “Shiite Report: Wahhabi Fatwa Allows Sodomy for Jihad Purposes.” The video published by MEMRI is an edited and shortened version of the one used by Raymond Ibrahim last week.In an accompanying article, Ibrahim — a fellow of the far-right, Islamophobic David Horowitz Freedom Center — claimed based on the video, that a “fatwa” by a Muslim cleric allowed “jihadis” to engage in anal sex for the purpose of preparing themselves to insert explosives in their rectums.But the “fatwa” was in fact nothing more than a dirty joke found on an Internet forum, and the “cleric” who issued it does not exist." (thanks Electronic Ali)