Sunday, July 29, 2012

The decline of the Guardian newspaper

Christina sent me this:  "
The Guardian is making a big deal of obtaining this 'interview' with a 'captured Shabiha member', flagging it up gleefully on its front page:

Given that we have no clue a) who this man is (he may well be a 'rebel' posing as a solider) and b) whether this interview was obtained under extreme duress, its release is surely deeply troubling from the press ethics point of view. After all, Press TV lost its UK licence for broadcasting an interview obtained under duress (some of us doubted if that was the real reason, but that's another story). 

All part and parcel of the dramatic decline in the Guardians' journalistic standards.

In the meantime, the once excellent Brian Whitaker is offering us links to gossipy stories about an 'Arab prince' (no nationality needed - he's just a generic 'Arab') from the notorious Murdoch owned tabloid, The Sun:
The Guardian's Middle East 'coverage' is now interesting not for what it can tell you about the Middle East, but for what it can tell you about 'elite' thinking in the UK.