Saturday, July 28, 2012

Syrian regime TV: a menu of nausea

I watched the morning news on Syrian regime TV.  How easily they lie.  They invent think tanks in Washington that don't exist.  They claimed that the Pentagon said that most fighters in Syria are Al-Qa`idah.  They have become more crude and more vulgar in propaganda than a months or so ago: competing with the crude and vulgar propaganda of the other side.  They still have people who insults Arabs (of the Gulf) as "`urban" (meant pejoratively).  They insult every Arab man and woman who dared to protest by stating that BHL is the man orchestrating the Arab uprisings.  They offend my eyes by airing footage of military exercises by an Army that--like the Lebanese Army--defines bravery by shooting and firing at civilians.  The Syrian-on-the-streets seem all depressed and nervous now. It is a different picture from even a months ago.