Friday, July 27, 2012

"Revealed: producer of propaganda BBC report on Gaza attack has history of fabrication"

"During the question-and-answer session that followed the screening, this reporter cited Martin’s 2002 fabrications, and asked why his new film should be trusted.  In front of the audience, Martin stood by the fabricated Nasrallah quote and promised to email its source to The Electronic Intifada. Weeks later, Martin has failed to make good on this promise, despite follow-up requests over phone and email.
Martin admitted to writing under the name “Sayed Anwar” but claimed an original disclaimer clarifying the use of a pseudonym was mistakenly left out because of a Washington Times editing mistake: “I did use a pseudonym … half the story wasn’t written by me, it was written by a Palestinian … [a disclaimer] was put at the bottom on the story but the sub-editor took off the last paragraph and that statement.”  Martin did not directly respond to a question asking why he never followed through on his public threat to sue Neil Macdonald and CBC, claiming only that he had offered to appear on the channel.  After the question and answer session, Martin approached this reporter and insisted he had only written a single article under the pseudonym: “there was only one [article] where that name was used.”  However, a database search of The Washington Times back issues proved that the pseudonym had been used at least twice, and in both articles there was no disclaimer. The two Washington Times articles under that byline are also preserved on the Internet Archive (the articles are still on the Washington Times website, but with no author named).  Martin also said: “I’d be delighted to talk to The [Electronic] Intifada. By the way I think it’s an excellent website … I try to be balanced.”" (thanks Asa)