Saturday, July 28, 2012

Propaganda of the Free Syrian Army

This requires an article since no one is really talking about it.  First, do you notice the extremely irritating heavy religious rhetoric in everything that is vomited by the media apparatus of the this shop? I mean, I have not heard such heavy religious propaganda since Bin Laden's speeches. Secondly, how easy for them to lie: they lie more than Fath's military communiques in the 1970s and 1960s and more than Saddam's regime in 2003.  Today, Al-Arabiyyah hosted a spokesperson of the FSA to talk about Aleppo: he spoke about heavy fighting.  The anchor asked him about the number of dead on his side: he said that there were no casualties in their ranks just "civilians".  She seemed skeptical so she asked again.  He said: oh, just seven victims on our side.  She then asked him about casualties in the Syrian Army.  He said: in the hundreds.  She seemed skeptical again (and she--Najwa Qasim is not a professional journalist by any means she is one of the most crude propagandists for that channel whose respect for truth and journalistic ethics is tantamount to Obama's respect for Palestinian rights) and asked him: in the hundreds?  He said: yes, from what we saw.  Third, another spokesperson said that certain residential areas were bombarded heavily and that as a result a family "was slaughtered with a knife".  She asked him: why a knife?  He said: they are brutal.  Fourthly, she interviewed a spokesperson of the "revolution" in Damascus.  She asked him about developments in Damascus, he went on to speak about developments in Dayr Az-Zur.  She had to tell him that they have their own men in Dayr Az-Zur.  He went on to speak about various things and she was disappointed.  She concluded the broadcast by saying that there is no fighting in Damascus, when her own guests spoke about heavy fighting still going on in the city.  And remember this: those professional liars ARE THE SOURCES FOR MOST IF NOT ALL WESTERN MEDIA REPORTS ON SYRIA.