Monday, July 30, 2012

Peter Harling

"“You have secular people and very moderate Islamists who join Salafi groups because they have the weapons and the money. There tends to be more Salafi guys in the way the groups portray themselves than in the groups on the ground.”"  I mean, if those Western analysts who serve as cheerleaders for the Free Syrian Army see Bin Laden himself fighting with the Free Syrian Army, they will find a way to dismiss his role.  They would say: that may look like Bin Laden, but it is his brother, Bob Bin Laden, and he is very secular and progressive.  So according to Mr. Harling, it does not matter how many Salafis are there because among those Salafis there are communists and anarchists and femnists fighting among them but they do that only because they have more weapons.  Thanks Mr. Harling. I feel now I understand the situation better.