Monday, July 30, 2012

On Asalah

Angry Arab correspondent on Bahrain sent me this about Syrian singer, Asalah (see post from yesterday):
"About Asala - The woman has Bahraini citizenship. The question is why. As far as I know, she hasn't lived in Bahrain. According to Bahrain's (unfair) citizenship law, if you are arab you have to have been living in Bahrain for 10 years to be eligible to apply for citzenship. But the law isn't applied and Bahraini citizenship is given out left and right to people who don't reside in Bahrain. These people are from tribes related to the royal family, friends of the royal family, mercenaries hired from areas known to be hostile to shia, etc. Meanwhile, husbands of bahraini women and their children are not eligible for citizenship. There are also ppl who have been living in Bahrain for decades who haven't gotten citizenship. At least one Bahraini family has had their citizenship taken away from them. Also Bahrainis of persian origin who have been living in Bahrain for 100+ years have only recently received citizenship.

Unless Asala is married to a bahraini, or has lived in bahrain for more than 10 years, then she must have friends in high places to have gotten citizenship. So her worship of the bahraini King isn't surprising. Her hypocrisy is disgusting though".