Friday, July 27, 2012

massacre in Aleppo

Did you see that the US government through the spokesperson of the US Department of State yesterday warned of a future massacre in Aleppo?  So the US can now warn about a massacre in Syria before it actually happens.  Not that the US is in anyway doing anything beyond words and psychological operations?  Not that I want the US to do anything in the Middle East except to butt out and leave the region to its people and end all arms deliveries and electoral bribes.    Not that I feel that the US is credible to speak on the topic of massacres when it has committed massacres and atrocities as recently as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  And not that the US has ever cared about massacres when Israel's history is an anthology of massacres against Arabs.  Not that the US has cared about the Syrian people when they were killed and repressed and tortured when Syria was going along the US-led "peace process".  Sometimes I just wish that all US government propagandists would take a vow of silence to avoid insulting our intelligence.