Sunday, July 29, 2012

Israeli ignorance

David sent me this:  "
This is David again; I saw this headline (originally reported by Reuters) in Haaretz which irked me to no end:
"Iranian-Hindi shipping firm faces collapse due to sanctions"

I am of Indian origin (albeit I don't really identify myself with this non-state; there are several states within India which expressed a desire to secede as you probably know), but to state that a country or its residents is "Hindi"???  This reminds me of my American friends who sometimes mistake the Hindi language for This is not a typo and when an Israeli news agency mis-labels a sovereign state as one of the many languages spoken in India it reflects a very deep and real ignorance that Israelis have of the world.  But, then again, this is nothing new within the Zionist entity; if one can deny the existence of Palestinians, once can definitely change the name of a country.

The name of the shipping company is 'Irano-Hind'; I guess they put two and two together and arrived at eight.  Good E'en."