Friday, July 27, 2012

hostages of the Free Syrian Army

Al-Arabiyyah (news station of King Fahd's brother-in-law) hosted a spokesperson of the FSA and announced with great fanfare that the it has captured more than a 100 of Syrian regime army soldiers.  Within minutes it announced with great fanfare and drama that it has just received a video of the captured soldiers.  All were civilians.  So the anchor (who like Aljazeera anchors) often wants to help the propaganda efforts of the guests.  So he said rather surprised: but those are in civilian clothes and dont seem like soldiers (many did not even fit the image of the thin mal-nutritioned Syrian soldiers).  The FSA guest said something that did not make sense at all, so the anchor interjected and helped him out and said: so they are soldiers but they were in civilian clothes.  Kid you not.  I switched the channel learning more and more about how the Syrian story is covered.

PS. No worries. In a later broadcast they were all made to be Shabbihah (thugs and the term is now increasingly used to refer all `Alawites, including children and women).