Sunday, July 29, 2012

Free Syrian Army: the hostage takers

If one of the Lebanese hostages held by the Free Syrian Army has an American citizenship he would he entitled to sue the US government (which provides material aid too the Free Syrian Army).
Akram, the Angry Arab correspondent in Syria, sent me this:
"Abbas, the preacher, said effusively, “First, I want to say that we are not hostages, but guests of a really great man—his name is Hajji Abu Ibrahim.”

Awad, the travel agent, said, “As God is my witness and I repeat it three times, I have never seen such a man as this, and this experience has opened my eyes about the revolution in Syria. When I go home I want to help support its revolution.”

When it came time for Zagheeb to speak, he said that he was so moved by the hospitality he had received that he hoped for nothing more than to return to Azaz one day with his wife and children

When I asked if they wanted to return to their homes, they all nodded eagerly, but said little more.

Abbas, Awad, Zagheeb are three of the eleven Lebanese "guests" of the Free Syrian Army".