Tuesday, June 05, 2012

witnesses of Hula massacre? Syrian regime propaganda

Akram sent me this:  "This is few days old but worth to be read:

The first witness- a man who accompanied the gunmen before and during the massacre:

  • The first witness said that he used to accompany the gunmen and knew the details of their work, and that three days before the massacre, the gunmen had been discussing something that would happen on Friday, saying that it was something "special and big." (Did I hear someone saying: Zuhair Al-Siddiq, the "king witness"?)
  • The witness said that he joined the second group which consisted of several armed groups from several areas.... (Joined them to do what???)
  • He said that most of the gunmen didn't know how to handle their weapons, as one was using a PKC machine gun that kicked him back, while another launched an RPG round that hit al-Zakahi house rather than the detachment, killing two civilians (in the Arabic version those 2 civilians, trapped withing a fierce fighting had the time and the nerves to... drink Mate and the so-called witness was able to see them drinking Mate. A hint for those who don't know, Mate is an Argentinian herb which the Syrians (and the Argentinians) use as a kind of drink. Mate is a socializing drink and requires sessions that may last for hours. In other words it's more a tea than a Coca-Cola...
The second witness- a woman who apparently was watching the fighting from the sky... Either she's a falcon or she was in a helicopter:
  • ... that these gunmen began by attacking a security checkpoint with a mortar round fired by a man named Saiid Fayez al-Okesh which the law-enforcement personnel noticed, prompting them to shoot him and the leg, and then he was rushed to a field hospital in Kafer Laha (She saw Al-Okesh shooting, then she saw how the military personnel retaliated, and finally she saw Al-Okesh rushing to a field hospital in a near by village.... She's undoubtedly superwoman...)
  • She said that the gunmen then opened heavy fire on the checkpoint, with other groups communicating with them through wireless devices, with talk indicating that they were simply distracting the law-enforcement forces at the checkpoint... (She was too close so she was able to hear their communications)
  • The witness said the groups attacked checkpoints in the area simultaneously at around 1:30, with many law-enforcement personnel dying as the gunmen kept attacking for nearly three hours, and that after taking over the checkpoint they stole the weapons and ammo which was in it and began distributing them among themselves, then immediately set fire to the checkpoint along with the nearby hospital and the woods behind it. (from her excellent standing she was able to watch all over the battlefield)
These are samples extracted from the televised testimonies... With those "eye-witnesses", one may wonder... just wonder".